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Kidsme Pipido Swimming Combo - Pink SL

Kidsme Pipido Swimming Combo - Pink SL
<ul> <li>Set of Pipido Premium Neck Float Pink (RM69.90) PPNF-CP + </li> <li>Pipido Swim Nappy SL (RM 59.90) PSN-PO + </li> <li>Kidsme Bath Ocean (RM 39.90) 9649</li> </ul> <p><strong>Product Details</strong></p> <p>This premium neck float wraps around the baby’s neck and provide a Head above-water support. 2 inflatable layers to provide additional safety net &amp; cute sound produced by little bells inside the float grabs baby’s attention. Can start from 2-3 months old.</p> <p>This float can be used at inflatable baby swimming pool, swimming pool and large play pool. Adult supervision is necessary when using this neck float.</p> <p>Pipido Reusable Swim Nappies are made of washable swim nappies and comfortable and light weight to wear. With easy on-and-off press-studs, they are also made with stretchable outer lining and a leak-proof inner lining. For your baby’s legs and waist, elastic slip-forms  are used for secure and comfortable fit.  </p> <p>Floating water toys provide hours of fun for babies whenever they are around water either taking bath or in the pool. Bathz Ocean have 4 different kinds of animals. These are the squirting bath toy that must have for fun during bath time. Babies can learn different colours and recognize different animals as long as taking bath. It is an educational toy that helps learning without pressure. It is definitely the first hubbies that babies must have.</p>
price: RM 100
Location: Malaysia;Selangor;Petaling Jaya